Rapid Flow Technologies is an intelligent transportation technology company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rapid Flow is the developer and distributor of the Surtrac adaptive traffic signal control system, the most advanced adaptive traffic signal system on the market. The Surtrac adaptive traffic signal system is unique in its ability to optimize traffic flows in complex, dynamic environments, where there are multiple competing dominant flows that change dynamically throughout the day.

Rapid Flow has a long history of working closely with municipalities, state agencies, MPOs, and other stakeholders to plan projects, find funding, install our technology, fine tune its operation, and assist with ongoing maintenance and optimal operations. The core technical team at Rapid Flow has been working with the City of Pittsburgh since 2010 - first at Carnegie Mellon University (through the Robotics Institute and the Traffic21 research initiative), then at Rapid Flow Technologies - on both planning and maintenance of the Surtrac network in our hometown. We’ve carried that spirit of working closely with our customers forward to all of our subsequent deployments. At Rapid Flow, we are focused on working with municipalities toward better traffic control for all travelers.