Pittsburgh's AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring

Idling in rush-hour traffic can be mind numbing. It also carries other costs. Traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy $121 billion a year, mostly due to lost productivity, and produces about 25 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, Carnegie Mellon University professor of robotics


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Rapid Flow Technologies CEO Griffin Schultz Talks Smart Traffic Control & Entrepreneurship with Chestnut Street Ventures

Chestnut Street Ventures recently sat down with Rapid Flow Technologies CEO, Griffin Schultz, to discuss his unique career path and how he became involved in the AI and smart cities markets. While Rapid Flow Technologies developed Surtrac, an intelligent traffic signal control system that optimizes and reduces traffic in real time, Griffin originally got his start in government – which is helpful since Rapid Flow is often selling to and serving government customers.

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Portland Drivers Experiencing a 20% Improvement in Traffic Conditions with Surtrac Intelligent Traffic Signal Control System

The Press Herald of Portland, Maine recently ran an article discussing efforts to ease traffic on Forest Avenue, one of the busiest roadways in the entire state of Maine. These efforts center around the Surtrac intelligent traffic signal control system, and local residents and businesses are already taking notice after its installation.

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AI Traffic Signal Control System Reduces Travel Time by 25% in Pittsburgh

Traffic is a major concern for commuters in most major cities, including Pittsburgh where drivers sit in their vehicles for 81 unnecessary hours each year. A hilly, gridless area with more bridges than any other US city, Pittsburgh can be a pain to navigate.

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