Pittsburgh's AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring

Idling in rush-hour traffic can be mind numbing. It also carries other costs. Traffic congestion costs the U.S. economy $121 billion a year, mostly due to lost productivity, and produces about 25 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, Carnegie Mellon University professor of robotics


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Pittsburgh's Smart City proposal combines data, energy and transportation

Pittsburgh’s application for the $50 million Smart City Challenge grant calls for a series of transportation spines, traffic signals that give priority to transit and freight vehicles, and an “electric avenue” between Downtown and Hazelwood for driverless vehicles charged at solar power stations.

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Emergence as Regional Tech Hub Reflected in Pittsburgh’s Smart City Challenge Bid

Pittsburgh, meanwhile, has strong existing ties with local universities when it comes to transportation. At Carnegie Mellon, researchers affiliated with the Traffic21 Institute, and an initiative known as Metro21, work on technology that has already been tested in the city.

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Green Lights All the Way

It’s green lights all the way baby in parts of Pittsburgh due to the implementation of a decentralized traffic system overseen by a Carnegie Mellon robotics professor.

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Pittsburgh's North Shore traffic gets critical look

An East Liberty company that helped reduce traffic delays in that busy East End neighborhood is being recruited to do the same on the North Shore, where major sporting events and concerts routinely tie up traffic.

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Stadium authority could hire consultant to study, help improve North Shore traffic

Anyone who has tried to get out of the gridlock that is the North Shore after a Steelers game knows that traffic conditions could be improved, to put it mildly.

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Adaptive Traffic Signal Study Seeks To Improve North Shore Traffic Flow

Pittsburgh Stadium Authority board set to vote Thursday on study of system that cut travel delays over 40% in East Liberty

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