Surtrac Front End Engineer

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About the Role:

At Rapid Flow Technologies, we are building data infrastructure to help manage and gain insights from intersections operating our state-of-the-art traffic control software (Surtrac). As networks of Surtrac intersections expand, so does the need for an efficient management system that allows traffic managers to understand and customize their traffic networks. We are looking for someone to develop front-end code to better leverage the rich data received from Surtrac intersections.

The Surtrac front-end, RapidView, creates an experience that simplifies and manages Surtrac for all users. You will be an early member of the front-end team, and will be responsible for implementing UI features, integrating with existing data pipelines, and working with the deployment operations team to refine UI features.

An ideal candidate will have solid front-end design and development experience and be proficient in Javascript/html/css or related front-end technologies. Your work will enable smooth deployments, provide insight into traffic control development, and support new platforms that leverage our traffic data.


  • Develop front-end tools that support both internal and external users.
  • Work closely with the deployment/integration team to iteratively speed up the deployment process through refinement of UI tools and features.
  • Be able to pull data from our back-end data streams, and push to our DB.
  • Create front-end tools that give a picture of Surtrac operation at all abstraction levels (network, intersection, or device-specific).
  • Willingness to go outside your scope of work to solve problems and get things done.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3 years front-end development experience.
  • Experience in Javascript, HTML, CSS.
  • Experience in Python and integrating with Django framework

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in developing tools for large-scale device management
  • Have worked with internal teams to develop tools and infrastructure
  • Understand work needed to design, develop, test, and deploy a UI feature.
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and database structures.

About the Company:

Rapid Flow Technologies’ ( mission is to improve people’s lives by using artificial intelligence to re-imagine mobility. Rapid Flow is an early stage AI company that was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 2015 and is based in Pittsburgh, PA – one of the leading markets for AI, robotics, and autonomous vehicle research and development.

By implementing Surtrac, our adaptive traffic control system, municipalities have reduced the causes of traffic congestion, pollution, and safety incidents by as much as 20-40%. Surtrac is an edge-computing AI solution installed at each intersection. It easily integrates with existing detection, traffic control, and communication systems.

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