Multimodal Traffic Operations

A Smart City Traffic System for All Modes of Travel

Optimized for Multi-modal Traffic Flow

Surtrac optimizes for all travelers, including pedestrians, cyclists, transit, and connected vehicles. With advanced sensing, different modes can be modeled around their actual behavior, reducing delay for everyone.

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Bicycles & Pedestrians

  • A variety of bicycle-specific options can be implemented in Surtrac for both separated bicycle facilities as well as mixed traffic

  • If available, pedestrian detection (passive or active) used to reduce wait times

  • Walk times are extended dynamically to match pedestrian phase length to vehicle phase length

  • With sufficient detection, pedestrian phase length could also be based on demand


  • Surtrac can accommodate use of external TSP systems, either by allowing these systems to override Surtrac, or by incorporating their requests
  • Internal Transit Signal Optimization (TSO) process is also available. This allows transit to be directly factored into optimization and to predict arrival, rather than forcing reactive TSP operations

Connected Vehicles

  • Currently, all Surtrac intersections can provide SPaT data to multiple destinations (DSRC, third-party applications)

  • Connected vehicles will enable new, smarter signal capabilities in the coming years

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