What is Surtrac?

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System

Surtrac is an innovative approach to real-time traffic signal control, combining research from artificial intelligence and traffic theory. Surtrac optimizes the performance of signals for the traffic that is actually on the road, improving traffic flow for both urban grids and corridors and leading to less waiting, reduced congestion, shorter trips, less pollution, and happier drivers.

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The Most Advanced Way to Do Traffic Signal Control

  • Real-time Response to Actual Traffic
    Surtrac optimizes every second based on actual traffic flows
  • Decentralized & Inherently Scalable
    Surtrac is decentralized and scalable to networks of any size & shape

  • Optimized for Complex Grids, Not Just Corridors
    While Surtrac is capable of handling suburban corridors with a single dominant flow, it really shines when optimizing more complex grid networks with multiple competing flows that change throughout the day

  • Multi-modal Optimization
    With advanced sensing, Surtrac can integrate vehicle, pedestrian, bus, and bicycle traffic flows according to pre-specified priorities

  • Integrated with Connected Vehicles
    Surtrac exploits more accurate DSRC data and can use it to enhance mobility

Distributed control
makes it easy to...

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Grow Incrementally
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Scale to Large Networks

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